Why the new refrigerant

  • the main reason for the implementing the new gas is for environmental reasons the new gas is far less damaging to the environment than the existing gases, R12 the original refrigerant gas had a GWP score (how bad it is to the environment) of 12000 this was replaced with what most cars use now R-134 with a score of 1400, the new R-1234yf however has a rating of just 4

Why is it so expensive?

  • this new gas cannot be used in existing air conditioning¬†replenishment machines so new equipment has to be purchased meaning a substantial investment for very few cars at the moment, the gas itself is in limited supply at the moment only being made by two companies, and the cost of the gas alone is more than 30 times¬†more expensive than the existing gas however over time prices will drop as more cars use the new gas and other manufacturers license the rights to produce the gas.